Since its establishment, LESHA has always taken product quality as the core and benchmark for the company to participate in market competition.


Through rapid development and continuous investment by the company, LESHA has a variety of advanced production processes and equipment, such as automatically cutting, and pleating machine, automatic assemble line, semi- automatic assemble line, and PP injection machine, ensuring that the company’s products can meet the various needs of customers for flexibility.



LESHA continues to expand its process capabilities, vertically integrating further in 2020 with the addition of a activated charcoal plant and also internal packaging or boxing capabilities.

LESHA provides its filters in a full range of packaging options, from plastic bags, large multi-filter boxes, to individual private labeled, multi-colored boxes, providing its customers the range and variation in offerings needed globally.

LESHA manufacturing is located in one campus is low cost country of Thailand, also capitalizing on the experience and knowledge of its sister company in China, Helsha.


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